Sunday, February 15, 2015

More Crusaders in the Desert

Returning to Hobart after uni vac in SA James kindly came straight to Camp Cromwell to get the malware off my computer.  After that we fought a Crusader battle using the same armies as last Tuesday - this time a simple free for all scenario.

We deployed a division at a time as we drew coloured chits from a bag Bolt Action style. Jim's Saracens are on the left, James' Crusaders on the right.

 The Saracens are making a general advance.  The Crusaders right advanced slowly, but they allowed their left held back while their left centre infantry got a bit carried away and advanced too far in front of the mounted Sergeants on their left.

Saladin sent his light horse on the right forward to harass the Sergeants while his heavy cavalry helped the infantry destroy the exposed Crusader foot on the hill.

The horse archers torment half the Sergents near the oasis while the other half charge up the hill at the Scarcen heavy cavalry.  On the far flank the Knights have simply ridden down the Arab infantry on the left flank.  The Arab heavy cavalry on that side are assiting the infantry while the light horse have fallen back.

The knights are now being tormented by the light horse on the far flank .  The Crusader's right flank infantry are under pressure from foot and horse.   The Sergeant's are in big trouble on this flank.  They can't get at the light horse & are being beaten by the heavies on the hill.
On the near flank the Sergeants have broken under attack by heavy cav from one side & light on the other.  The knights have failed to come to grips with the enemy and while not broken are not in great shape.  The end comes when the 2nd Crusader infantry division breaks under the hail of bow fire.


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