Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Bolt Action Armour

Steve's Panzer Grenadiers v. Jim's Soviet Armour

Jim used Chris' Cancon force, Mark umpired. Tank Battle scenario with 6 objectives.

The Germans are on the far side.

Both side soon secured the 3 objectives on their side of the table.  The T34's moved up to the ridge.  Steve's Panther peeked around the hill on the far side.   Steve's 3 Pumas lurked behind cover.

The Soviets soon gave up the confrontation with the Panther and fell back behind the hill then advanced on the objective on the right.  The Pumas were annoying, popping out to shoot, then using Reece to bug off when fired on, but they didn't achieve much.  On the last move both sides held 3 objectives and had knocked out 2 enemy units.  The Soviets made a last lunge for victory by charging the Panzer Grenadiers in the field with their inexperienced infantry.  The attack failed, but equal objectives and 1 unit down was still a draw.

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