Monday, May 30, 2016

Barrie's Sunday School: Bolt Action & Saga

With 8 punters turning up Barrie's Sunday school split into 2 groups, 4 playing Saga & 4 playing Bolt Action.

Saga x2
Jake fought Nick & Barrie while Barrie fought JohnM.

Bolt Action
Darren was introduced to Bolt Action teaming up with Jim using Jim's Germans.
JohnM & Chris used a Soviet army provided by JohnM.
Scenario: Hold Until Relieved Germans defending, 1,000 pts.
Rules: The book with WWPD Season 3 changes & our house rule on Bombardment Miscalculation.
The scenario has a single objective near the middle of the table - in this case the road T-junction. The Germans deployed 2 units first  - 2 infantry in the house next to the objective.  The Soviets then deployed all their force no closer than 18" to Germans on the table, or the objective.  The rest of the Germans came on from the RH side half in the first wave on turn 1, the rest as Reserves.
The Germans brought on infantry & MMG on their left to distract the Soviet right while their main force came on their right to directly support the defence of the objective.
The German left was a side show, but a significant part of the Soviet force was diverted away from the objective to destroy it & the MMG got in some useful fire support against the Soviets attacking the village before they died.
The Soviet artillery miscalculated but we used the Camp Cromwell randomised plot rather than RAW Friendly Fire.  This resulted in the German armoured car getting pinned down until turn 5.  If we'd used the RAW the Germans could have placed the barrage on the main Soviet attack and very likely won the battle with one stroke of luck in turn 2 - and thus ruined what was to be a very good game.
The Soviet attack was lead by Pioneers who cleared out both houses with their flamethrower beofre German firepower finally blew them away.
Two more Soviet infantry squads armed with SMGs moved up to contest the village, but 2 squads of veteran panzergrenadiers supported by their half tracks took them on.
At the end of turn 6 the objective was still contested with 1 Soviet squad pinned down on the road between the houses & the German HQ which moved up on the far side of the house.  The dice decreed a turn 7 in which the Germans shot up then finished off the surviving Soviets in the village by assault.

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