Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday afternoon Bolt Action

With only Chris & Jim available this afternoon we moved the venue from Good Games to Camp Cromwell.  

Bridgehead Scenario from the Ostfront book:
This scenario has a mechanised German force attacking a bridge over an un-fordable river.  The Soviets start with half on and the rest in delayed reserves (coming on turn 3).  The Germans have half in 1st wave and half in normal reserve.  Game length is 10+ turns.  The winner is the side holding the bridge at the end (troops within 6" & no enemy within 6").  The Soviets on the table at the start are Dug In (an extra -1 to hit until they move).
 The Germans are coming from the right.
The Germans are pushing infantry forward under a barrage of covering fire.  One of the Soviet forward units has already been blown away.
The Germans have taken the objective & destroyed almost all the Soviet infantry, but the Soviet armour could still save the day as the German's have nothing more powerful than light a/tank.
The Soviet light tank was pinned to death by the 38t, A/car & ATR.  The T34 tried to move up to dispute the bridge, but was forced to withdraw, then immobilised by some hot shooting by the 38t.  The only other Soviet unit alive is a MMG team in the house who had no hope of reaching the bridge.  The Soviets conceded in turn 9.

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