Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Modder Fokkers

Mike Shevak was down from Coff's Harbour & as an old veteran of WWI air wargames at Mt Stuart in the 70's he was keen so see how the rules had evolved.

Game 1: Mike x2 with 2x Albatrii v. Jim's Tripe, Chris' Neiuport & Mark's Pup.
It was 2 v. 3, but the Abatrii had twin MG's & tougher bodies.
The inexperienced Germans made a mistake in splitting apart.  The Allies got in between them and ganged up on MikeN after MikeS dived through the pack..
MikeN's Albatross ducked & weaved with a trio of Allies on his rear end as MikeS made a token gesture  of turning back towards the fight.
Oakie peeled off to chase MikeS who was now just trying to escape.  Jim & Chris shared the kill of his comrade while MikeS ran out of height & couldn't escape Oakie's Pup.

Game 2: Chris & Mark had 2 Fokker DVII's v. Jim's SE5, MikeN's Camel & MikeS' Spad.
Afgain 2 v 3, but the Fokker DVII was the best plane going.
Things went pear shaped for the Germans in the first pass when Chris was wounded. 
The Allies immediately  went for the weakened prey
Now it was Chris's turn to be hounded by a flock of enemies while his comrade found a safe spot behind the action.  Mark now found himself on the wrong side of the table with 3 undamaged enemy plane between him and his home side of the table.  He did a pretty good job of slipping through the pack & making his escape.

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