Saturday, May 14, 2016

Bolt Action Doubles at Good Games

Germans: SteveJ & JohnM (both vets)
Allies: Jim (British regs) & Jake (US vets)
Each side had two 1,000 pts coys in a Doubles Frontal Assault scenario on a 8'x6' table, Germans attacking.
The Germans are attacking from the far side of the table.  The Allies are on the near side, Jim on the left v. Steve, & Jake on the right v. John. There are 4 objectives in the Allies half of the table.  The Allies deploy half their units in their half of the table, remainder in reserve.  The Germans deploy all of theirs up to 18" from the centreline.  The attackers win if they take 2+ objectives, the defenders win if they hold all of them.

John's attack with motor cycles and half track mounted troops supported by a his StuH, a bombardment & Steve's Puma soon over-ran the RH objective in the wood.   The Brits on the left held off their opponents and were able to send some support for Jake as his reserves came on.  John couldn't take the second objective needed for victory before time ran out.  So the battle was an honourable draw.  We find that this mission (one of our own design) is balanced enough, but hard to win for either side.

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