Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bolt Action

Jim's Panzergrenadiers v. Mark's Brits

1,000 pts infantry coys.  Our Domination Scenario with 5 objectives in a dice 5 pattern - one at the road junction, one 9" in from the table edge one each of the 3 roads & on eon the hill in left LH corner.  The Germasn are on the near side of the 6'x6' table.
This Scenario starts with a deployment Turn 0 where as the command dice are drawn units are deployed without firing in deployment zones up to 12" from the table centreline.
The Brits have 3 infantry squads on each flank & 3 in the centre, a Honey & a bug in the centre, 25pdr in their left rear, spotter team left rear, HQ in centre & PIAT in the bug.
The Germans have 2 Hanomags with Panzergrenadiers squads on the left, 2 small infantry in the centre with HQ, infantry on the right rear, MG & mortar ceantre rear & 75mm gun on the ridge on their left.
Both sides occupied a house in the centre to dispute the objective with other troops in support behind.  Both sides worked on blasting the enemy out of the hamlet with artillery or mortar fire. The Hanomags swept down the left flank with one squad dismounting to blow away the British infantry there.  The British barrage destroyed the German HQ and pinend down the rest fo their troops in the hamlet, along with the Brits in the house. 
The Panzergrenadiers on the left moved on to kill the observer team on the objective and take it.  The second squad attacked the Brits beside the road & took them out to cover the advance on their left.
The Germans in the village were eventually destroyed and the Brits took the crossroads objective.  In the last 2 turns (the game went to 7) the Brits tried to retake their lost objective.  It got down to an infantry charge on the last 2 heavily pinned surviving panzergrens by the last 3 surviving men in a Brit squad.  Defensive fire took out 1 Brit so 2 smgs fought 2 assault rifles.  The Brits died and the Germans hung on to win with 3 objectives to 2 despite having lost more units.

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