Sunday, May 08, 2016

KIngston Kup 2016 Flames of War Tournament

The annual Kingston Kup Flames Of War Tournament was held at Good Games this weekend.  Te theme was Italy Late War with some splendid scenery made up by the Griggsy & the Bunker Rats.  The usual carpet baggers from the Monday Knights came over from Melbourne to grab the silverware & there was a strong contingent from the Launceston Gaming Club.  Other commitments kept Camp Cromwell's contingent down to just 2 - Jim's Panzergrenders & Mark's US artillery.  There were 5 rounds over the two days.

Mark failed to trouble the scorer much, but avoided the wooden spoon.  Jim's Panzergrenadiers as usual put together a mix of close wins & close losses to finish in the middle of the pack.
Round one was free for all.  The Panzergrens started badly against Rusty's US when teh TD's took out the MkIV's, but the Panzergrens fought back for a  4:3 win.
Round 2 was Hasty Attack with the Panzergrens attacking Patrick'sTiger infested FJ's in a Blue on Blue.  Patrick's force was reduced to 3 Tigers on one objective & 2 FJ's on the other, but he got a 6:1 win because he kept passing sole survivor tests & the destroyed platoons didn't count as destroyed.   
Round 3 was an Encounter MkII Mission Panzergrenadiers defending v. NickB's US.  Both of us were unfamiliar with the Mission where the defenders have half at one end of the table & random reserves coming in at the other end.  It was a rollicking ride with side then the other looking on top until Jim forgot to spread out his Mauliers & the USAF showed up & destroyed them in one strike forcing an army morale test which failed, so a 3:4 loss.
Round 4 was an Envelopment Mission with The Panzergrens defending v. Garry in another Blue on Blue.  The Tigers looked invincible after swiping aside the Mk IV's, but the Good Germans nibbled away at them with Pak 40's & rocket propelled broomsticks and the attack ran out of steam & a 4:3 win the Good Germans.
Round 5 was a Counterattack Mission with the Panzergrenadiers defending in another Blue on Blue v. Griggsy.  Once again the MkIV's got smashed as soon as they came on out of reserve (this time by Paks & Stugs), but the Panzergrens held out until time time ran out for another 4:3 win.

It was good enjoyable weekend despite the things about FOW tournaments that irk, such as too much Blue on Blue, too many unecessary Mickey Mouse rules and a stupid Victory Points system.

The Monday Knights cleaned up with the top 3 places and the Team Trophy.  Andrew Oates, arguably the best FOW player in the country won again.  Rusty took the wooden spoon for Kingston & an undermanned Camp Cromwell came last in the team ratings.


lap1964 said...

Did anyone get pics ofall the tables ?

Jim Gandy said...

I think Griggsy did.

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