Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bull Run 1861

Dave designed the scenario for our re-fight of Bull Run using 28mm figs & Hail Mr Lincoln rules.  Seve, Nick, & Dave commanded the Rebs, Mike Chris & Jim, the Union.  Mark umpired.
At the start the Confederates have a few troops on Henry Hill in the centre of the table & the Union some guns on Matthews Hill on the far lef - following the fighting earlier in the day.  Both sides have columns coming up, Union from the left, Rebs from the right.
The Rebs are moving up to support the troops on Henry Hill.  The Union's lead division has deployed to attack the hill.  Rebel cavalry has come on on the right, Union cavalry in the foreground.
While everyone else is still marching or deploying, Chris throws the lead Union division at Henry Hill & over-runs the Rebel artillery on the crest.
Chris has been driven back off the crest by a Rebel counterattack, but Mike is now supporting his left & Jim his right. 
With the last Union division still on the road off shot, the Rebels have the numbers on the table, but the Union advance has left them insufficient room to deploy effectively to use their numbers.  4 Union while the Zouaves are moving up on their left flank.
There is a general firefight along the crest of Henry Hill with both sides feeding in reserves to replace the fallen and hold the line. Steve extends his left into the wood to counter the Zouaves.
Union pressure is still making it hard for the Rebels to use their numbers on the narrow front.
It's hot work on Henry Hill.
On the right, the cavalry are fighting their own irrelevant little war. On the left the last Union division is finally deploying.
Mike is falling back on the far flank, but the Zouaves have cleared the wood and are wrapping around the Rebel left.
Mike's division has fallen back behind the fresh division.  Chris' lead division has broken in the centre, but reserves are there to fill the gap while Jim's divisions now outflank the Rebel left.
The Rebs put in some desperate counterattacks, but to no avail as Union batteries pound their right and their left is outflanked.
As night falls the Rebels retreat.   They still have 3 of 5 divisions unbroken, but all with heavy losses.  The Union have lost only one division & still have a lot of fresh troops.

Last Friday Dave fought the scenario with peter College using Peter's 15mm figs.  On that occasion the Rebels held onto Henry Hill & won the battle.

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Anonymous said...

Cheers Jim for setting it all up, Mark for umpiring and many thanks to everyone else for what became one heck of a shooting match. If only I could've hit a barn...

many thanks,