Thursday, January 26, 2017

Diadochi Campaign Battle

Crateris v. Antigonis
Mark (Crateris) though outnumbered was forced to fight under the campaign rules.  Antigonis is in Canberra, but the battle wwa fought at Camp Cromwell with Mike, Steve & Jim commanding for Antigonis.  Chris & Mich assisted Mark.
Antigonus is on the left with 2 infantry divisions & 2 cavalry divisions, Crateris is on the right with 2 infantry divisions one behind the other..  Antigonus got the first move and both cavalry wings advanced.
Crateris advances with his second line splitting to cover the flanks. 
Crateris' phalanx charged, but was thrown back with one unit broken.   Poor command dice is delaying Antigonus' attempts at envelopment.
Crateris reforms his phalanx.
Crateris' phalanx charges again as Antigonis' cavalry continues to procrastinate.
Crateris' phalanx has broken Antigonis' phalanx, but the Antigonid cavalry on the far flank is now in his rear. .
A hail of javelins has broken Crateris' phalanx while Antigonis' near flank cavalry has finally done something breaking the hoplites by attacking it front & flank.  Mark has only 2 units left and they retreat.   Mark put up a brave fight against the odds & very nearly won.

(I've edited the original post after realising that I'd confused the campaign names of the participants).

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