Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Sunday Bolt Action

The table was already set up for this Tuesday's Bull Run so we added a bit extra stuff for our Sunday Bolt Action.  We played two games simultaneously.

Steve's FJ's v. Sean's US
Steve & Sean fought scenario 2: Meeting Engagement.  Having been fully engaged in my own battle, I regret the only detail can provide is that the US won.

Matthew's Germans v. Jim's Brits
This was scenario 8: Manhunt with the Brits defending.

The battle was gregarious affair with all the troops in two tight bunches.  We found out that the corner of the table can be a very dangerous place when the Confused Battle rule applies.  But the highlight of the battle was in the centre.  The Panther moved up creating mayhem with 3MMGs & a big gun, but the Bren carrier dashed up the road & deposited the PIAT team on the Panthers flank.  The result was an immobilised Pussy - not a bad result for the Germans as it was already in a good place.  Next turn the Germans got the first two command dice out of the bag.  The veteran PIAT team took a shirtload of fire from the tank & a panzergrenadier platoon, but got away with just losing the loader.  When it got to shoot it only managed superficial damage, but it was enough - another immobilsation so the crew bailed out.  After that defeat was inevitable for the Reich despite the Brits losing their commandos in an ill-advised close combat.

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