Saturday, January 28, 2017

Bolt Action: Scenario 4: Double Envelopment

Chris' Soviets v. Jim's Panzergrenadiers: 1,000pts
In this mission both sides start with half their units in reserve (rounded down).  The others are deployed in your deployment zone = 12" in from your table edge each side placing units without shooting as dice are command are drawn.  Vps are gianed by killing enemy units (1each), getting a unit into the enemy's deployment zone (2 each) or getting a unit off the enemy's table edge (3 each).
The Soviets are on the left & the Germans on the right.
Both sides concentrated on the centre & far end.  This end of the table has just a German 75 and a T34. The 75 didn't even try to fire at the T34, but managed to inflict a few casualties & pin down Soviet infantry in the nearest house, as well keep the T34 busy until its inevitable demise.
The German's aggressive advance gained them an advantage in cover that was magnified by Hitler's buzzsaws & consistently bad Soviet morale throws.
By the end of turn 7 the Soviets had lost 8 of 10 units while the Germans had lost only 1 of 9 plus had  one over the line for 2 extra VPs.  So a decisive win for the Bad Guys.  It's a good scenario though: Do you go for kills, for territory, or both?  Lots of challenging decisions to make.

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