Friday, January 06, 2017

Diadochi campaign: naval battle at Rhodes

The campaign has come to a naval battle at Rhodes between Ptolemy & the allied fleets of Antigonus & Perdiccas.  Ptolemy (PeterC) is in Hobart & the others, PeterW & Ian are in Canberra.  The battle was fought at Camp Cromwell with Jim & Chris standing in for the Canberrans.
Ptolemy's fleet (on the top right) both outnumbers the allies, but is also better quality.   The allies protected their flanks with islands. PeterW's fleet is in in the lead for the allies.
The first clash did not go well for the allies when two sixes by Ptolemy sunk their largest ship.
 The second lines join in.
Peter's fleet is soon reduced to below half strength and fail morale.  The two survivors sail on away from the action leaving their allies to their fate.
The last allied ship tied to break thru.  It sunk an Egyptian ship on the way, but was too damaged to escape pursuit.  A crushing victory for Ptolomy.

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