Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Napoleonic 28mm battle

We recycled the Cedar Mtn battlefield for a Napoleonic battle - French v. Austrians.  Each side had 3 divisions, 1 cavalry of 6 units, 2 infantry of 6 units plus 1 gun.  One Austrian inf div included 2 grenadiers & had an additional 2 small grenz units. The French were command rating 9, the Austrians 8.  The Austrians deployed Jim's cavalry on the left, Dave's inf div in the centre & Steve's (larger) inf div on the right.   The French deployed Mike's cavalry on their right, Chris' inf in the centre & Mark's inf on their left.  Renfrey assisted Mike with dice rolling and drink waiting.
Initial deployment: The French are on the far side of the table.
The Austrians advance to the front of the cornfields. 
The French advance their centre & right while Mark supports Chris' left flank.  The Austrian cavalry counterattack.
In the centre Dave gives ground, but holds on.  The cavalry fight is swirling about with both sides having mixed fortunes. 
The French commanders.
The Austrians.
Dave continues to give ground, but is making it hard work for Chris' div.  The two cavalry divs have both had losses and have drawn back to regroup.
 Chris's div continues to push Dave's back.
Mike's cavalry renews the attack.  Steve has sent his grenadiers to support Mike & Chris' infantry has run out steam - only 1 unit broken, but most of the rest shaken. 
The Austrian cavalry has finally been broken, but the French cavalry are on half strength with high casualties & Chris has called off the infantry attack in the centre to avoid being broken.  With time up, both sides are happy to declare victory & let the other side do the same.

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