Friday, February 03, 2017

Diadochi campaign: Ptolomy v. Perdiccas

Ptolemy (PeterC) is defending Egypt against an invasion by Perdiccas (in Canberra).  Outnumbered by a good margin he chose to defend a ford.  Ptolemy' force had a core of phalangites supported by a host of light infantry bow men.  Perdiccas army has a core of phalangites supported by some medium archers, some skirmishers & a ballista, and two cavalry divisions each 3 small heavy cavalry with 2 horse archers.
 Prolemy is on the left.  the gren is impassable swamp. The yellow is soft sand.  The wide sections of river are un-crossable.
The battle opened with an exchange of missles over the river, both sides putting a line of archers on their river bank.  The fickle finger of break tests has caused gaps in both side's lines.
Suddenly the battle changed as a double six followed by another sent Perdiccas' phalanx charging across the river past their light screen.  Perdiccas consequently sent a cavalry div across to support their left flank & another to their rear to exploit openings or plug gaps.
Ptolemy immediately counterattacked with his entire phalanx.
After two turns of push of pike both sides lost a phalanx unit & the horse archers bounced back shaken.
The victorious Perdiccian phalanx might have pushed on through the light infantry to break open Ptolemy's line, but for two successive turns was pushed back bow fire.  The rest of Perdiccas' phalanx was also repulsed.  It was now up to Perdicccas' cavalry to win the battle.
Perdiccas' cavalry on the left again failed to break the shaken phalanx on this end of the line & is regrouping for another go.   
Perdiccas renews the attack on the near flank while again trying to weaken the far flank & centre with missile fire.

Perdiccas' attack on this flank has been beaten off, the phalanx division broken.
Perdiccas withdraws his shaken left to try & rally it.  His cavalry in the centre are pushing back a shaken phalanx.

Perdiccas' cavalry has run out of steam and one by one they fail break tests under the relentless Egyptian bow fire.The near cavalry division fails first and with it the army broke.
The blundering charge of the phananx forced Perdiccas' hand.  He immediately supported the premature attack and could have broken through the Egyptian line on the left but for some unfortunate missile break tests.  The ballista, though much feared by Ptolomy,
fired away all game on the far flank but did little serious damage.

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