Sunday, February 19, 2017

Napoleonic 28mm

This report is from couple of weeks back.  I just noticed that it was draft that had not been posted.

PeterC set up a scenario based on Valmy.  To suit the 28mm troops we had we made it Napoleonic French (Jim) v. Austrians (Chris).
The Austrians are on the left.
The French launch a cavalry attack on the near flank. The Austrian infantry in the centre plod forward towards the French guns as fast as a command rating of 8 & linear formations allowed.  On the far flank the Austrian cavalry dither
A cavalry fight ebbs & flows on the near flank.  In the centre the Austrians survived the artillery remarkably well in their advance then sent most of the gunners packing with effective volleys. On the far flank the French have made wall of squares to face the Austrian cavalry. 
On the near flank the Austrians are reduced to just 1 cavalry unit, but their French opponents are almost entirely shaken.  In the centre the Austrians have taken part of the ridge line & a grenadier unit has pressed on past it now counterttacked my conscript columns. 
The only unshaken French cavalry unit on the near flank has charged the surviving Austrian hussars.  On the far flank an Austrian cavalry attack was a disaster & the division has broken allowing the French right to turn left and counterattack the successful Austrian centre.  More French cavalry has been sent to support the infantry behind the centre.
The French counterattack on their right is rolling up the victorious part of the Austrian line 

On the French left the Austrian cavalry have hung on long enough for yegers to get into the rear of the French hussars.  This breaks one of the French cavalry divisions.

The Austrian left is hanging on, but the end is nigh. 
The Austrian infantry on their left has now broken and with that the army also breaks.

It was tough scenario for the Austrians facing the thee French superiority in artillery.  Chris made a brave fight of it but it all unravelled with the loss of his left flank cavalry.

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