Saturday, February 04, 2017

Bolt Action in the jungle

Jim's Australians v. Dave's Japanese
Point Defence Scenario, Australians defending.
The Australians are on the left defending 3 objectives. 5 units are deployed , 4 are in reserve.  The Japs are on the right with 4 units on flank attack.  The terrain is jungle except for the green or yellow patches.  The jungle has visibilty 12".  The blue line is the end of the playing area.
The Japs advanced their tankette over the near ridge, the Australians brought on their anti-tank rifle to tackle it.  On the far flank the Jap commander and some small units are advancing through the jungle.  They are easily held off by the Oz infantry unit on that flank.
In the first few turns not a lot happened except the ATR forced the tankette to withdraw.  It rallied and has returned to the fray but is about to be forced back again.  The Jap reserves all came on the near flank.  Their unit on the left has destroyed an Oz unit with a banzai charge.  The unit on the objective had advanced in the truck & dismounted to claim the objective.  The other units were the first to come on & have been badly mauled & pinned down by Oz fire across the clearing.
The game went to 7 turns with a flurry of charges and close range fire.  In the end the last man of the unit holding the objective for Japan failed morale (fanatics still have to test if reduced to 1) & the last Jap unit is 3.5" away from the objective, so it was retaken by the Australians giving them victory.  It would have been a draw if the Japs had taken 1 objective & they needed to take 2 to win.  Both victory conditions are hard to achieve & I think this scenario is often drawn.

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