Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday Bolt Action

Jim's Panzergrenadiers v. Chris' Soviets
1000 pts Meeting Engagement
The terrain featured my new large scale hills made using cardboard from IKEA packaging.  The system allows larger & more realistic valleys & plateaus to be provided.  Mitzi the cat also showed a new found interest in wargames this afternoon.
The Germans are on the left, the Soviets on the right.  Both sides brought on all their forces in the first wave with  no reserves.
On the near flank where the panzergrenadiers dismounted from their Stummel to attack the most advanced Soviets.  The rest of the front  has a long range shooting match going on. 
The German attack was stopped by the T34 which ignored the Pak 40 on top of the hill & dispatched first the Stummel, then the dismounted panzergrenadiers.  The Pak was suppressed by the ZIZ, but both were destroyed by mortar fire.
The battle then stalemated with Hitler's buzz saws pinning down the Soviet advance all along the line, but the V2 rule of -2 to hit for going down makes it very hard to finish off units at long range.
At the end of turn 6 both sides had lost 3 units & there was no turn 7.  So a draw.

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