Monday, February 20, 2017

New Hill System

The traditional small hill pieces scattered over the table are not the way hills usually are.   The land generally has much larger large scale slopes.  Rivers more often run in valleys between generally higher ground rather than on plains with isolated hills. Long escarpments and large plateau are also common features.

When my Body Corporate bought a bunch of IKEA outdoor furniture for our communal terrace I grabbed a large quantity of large cardboard boxes and packing with a view to using it to provide a system for making more realistic land forms in greater variety.
I tried the system yesterday for a BA battle on one end of the table & have since made some more pieces & extended some trial pieces over the whole table.
The system utilises the wooden 24"x12"x2" storage boxes I use to store troops not currently in frequent use to form the basic shape of the high ground.  Cardboard sections mostly 24"x12" or 12"x12" are hinged together in 2's & 3's with duct tape to cover the top of the boxes and form the slopes.  Some triangular shapes allow for bends & corners.  The polar fleece cloth has enough elasticity to conform to the shapes and it also hides the joints & overlaps pretty well.

The hinged sets fold up flat for compact storage - much easier to store than the usual 3-D hills.  The storage boxes stack away neatly under the wargames table & continue in use for storage whether they are on or under the table.  The pic above is a stack of about 60 square feet of hill formers flat packed for storage.

The system is still a work in progress but I think it's looking good & I still have lots of cardboard left.

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