Thursday, February 16, 2017

Diadochi Campaign: Yet another invasion of Egypt

Once again Perdiccas is trying to invade Egypt & Ptolemy defends a river line in the delta.
Prolemy is on the left defending the crossable part of the river.  Perdiccas is on the right.
Perdiccas is trying the usual softening up with missile fire.
There is an Egyptian engine off shot on the left that is hurting his cavalry more than his own engine on the other flank is hurting Ptolemy & Ptolemy has more firepower in the centre.  So with the missile exchange not going that well, Perdiccas moves up his phalanx to force the crossing.
The Egyptian light infantry has evaded the phalanx crossing the river & forced the horse archers to retire.
Ptolemy counterattacked the phalanx immediately it crossed the river.  After the usual ties on  the first round, Perdiccas' infantry started to fall apart with two phalanxes breaking in the centre & the left being forced back over the river.
A flank attack out of the sand field on the right broke Perdiccas' right end phalanx & bow fire forced the cavalry back on his left.
It was only a matter of time before the Egyptian bows broke Perdiccas' infantry.  There was no point in continuing with cavalry alone, so Perdiccas retired.

It's a big ask to force a river crossing on a narrow front.  Perdiccas needed either a lot of luck or a Ptolemaic brain fade to win this & didn't get either.

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