Saturday, December 08, 2007

Camp Cromwell 06/12/07

Renfrey's Brit Rifles v. Jim's Grenadiers

We used the table prepared for next week's Maharajah 1st Semi for a 1500 pts LW HTL, Germans defending.

The Germans chose to take the end with the big hill on the left & the Brits put their objective on that hill. The Germans put down 2 Grenadier Plats, each with 2HMGs attached - one on the hill to the left of the objective & one to the right extending through the fields. They had 3 Pak 40s in ambush with 4 Stugs, 2 37mm SPAA & a KT in reserve.

The Brits advanced with Bugs & Churchills on their far right, Inf & HMGs thru the farm right of centre, 2 Inf & 4M10s up the centre along & behind the central ridge. Their Sextons were firing bombardments from the rear. The Germans dropped the A/Tank ambush on the crestline & they engaged the Churchills & Bugs in an ineffectual duel that seemed to go on forever. This suited the Germans as it bought time to bring up the Stugs & later the AA & KT. The M10s came onto the ridge hull down & engaged the Stugs, but they were quickly destroyed for no loss. Renfrey then had to launch an infantry assault which was stopped by firepower and a Stug counterattack. The Pak40s were eventually destroyed & the 2 surviving Churchills finally resumed their advance, but it was too late - the KT finally reached the front line and with the Stugs following on the Brits were doomed.

The pic is taken from the German left. The smoke on the ridge is burning TDs. The Stugs have driven one Brit Inf back up the hill. The last Pak 40 is about to die. The Big Pussy is about to get into the action with the Stugs in support & finish the job.

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