Friday, December 21, 2007

Camp Cromwell 18/12/07

Maharajah Semi Final #2:
Barrie's British Guards attacking SteveJ's Grenadiers in HTL (LW)

Barrie advanced slowly on a broad front with recon in front, his armour in the centre and infantry on the flanks. The Churchills then moved to the right to lead the main attack on the forward objective. This all took time and Steve was able to get his reserves on in time to take effect. The Churchills were the critical part of the British attack & Steve threw all he could at them. The He's missed, but the 105s got 1 and a Pak 40 got another leaving only the super Churchill with the 13 front armour contesting the objective. After exchanging artillery for a while the Churchill attacked the grenadiers disputing the objective with commandoes coming up behind. The Grendiers passed tank terror to counterattack & a panzerfaust got the Churchill. The commandoes were then gunned down leaving the Brits without a hope. SteveJ progresses to the 1st preliminary Final v. Jim.

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