Friday, December 28, 2007

Camp Cromwell 23/12/07

Jim's 7th Armour v. Byron's Panzer Lehr Panzergrenadiers

2000 pts FFA on 8x6 table (Maharajah SF2 table with part of river removed)
Byron's Coy was maxed up with antitank weapons - 2 Pak Platoons, 88s, & loads of panzershreks.
Jim's Coy had his Maharajah 7th Armour Coy.
Byron deployed with a Pak platoon covering each objective & 88s in the centre. One P/Grenadier was on the LHS objective in a field, the other was still in its half tracks in central reserve.
Jim put the Motor platoon & Stuarts on the right to protect that objective, Rifles & Sextons in the centre & the armour spread between the left flank & centre.
Jim attacked on his left with all his heavy armour while the infantry advanced in the centre and right. The Stuarts held back on the objective out of Pak range. The swarm of Cromwells manouvred around the German right, mowing down their Heavy Mortars en route. They then lined up and made a massed attack on the objective with 18 tanks. The P/grenadiers, even with all their Panzershreks and a Pak platoon in support just couldn't kill enough tanks and the objective was overrun (see pic).
In the centre Byron had counterattacked in the centre with the mounted P/grenadiers. This attack all but destroyed the Rifles and the survivors fell back, but the P/grenadiers were still far from an objective.

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