Friday, December 14, 2007

Camp Cromwell 13/12/07

Byron's Carri v. Renfrey's Indians
1550 pts HTL Indians defending on the Afrika Semi Final #1 table

Renfrey deployed 2 Rifles side by side either side of the front objective (on his left) with 6pdrs & 25 pdrs in ambush & mortars, bugs, HMGs, Valentines & another Rifle in reserve. Byron had 3 M14 platoons spread across the front plus Semos in the centre & Guastaori where some scrub gave them some cover towards the objective. Of course he advanced all along the front. On turn 2 one Carri double moved forwards towards the rear objective. This provoked Renfrey into dropping his 25pdrs on that flank to protect his rear. Despite having 16 shots he killed just 1 M14. He also dropped the 6pdrs in the centre getting just one bailed Semo. The feared ambushes were a bit of a squib.

Byron now switched his left flank platoons towards the centre outflanking the 6pdrs, while the other tanks & Semos softened upthe infantry on the objective. (see pic 1). It didn't look good for the Indians now. Their 6pdrs were gone & only reserves were a Rifle Platoon brought on to cover the rear objective & even double moving a long way from the action. But Byron gave them a sniff by being too cautious on the right and the Valentines finally arrived and were doubling to the front followed by lots of bugs. The 25pdrs also made a contribution getting the odd tank & semo.

Bryon finally launched an all out assault on the objective with Carri & Guastatori. The Indians resisted subbornly, beating off Carri attacks & buying time for the Valentines. The Valentines got in range & with help from the 25pdrs took out the Semos with the loss of one bail. Now it looked like the Indians were going to win. (See pic 2). But the Guastatori were just close enough to assault the Valentines with 1 team. It bailed another tank, the Platoon failed morale & retreated leaving 2 bailed captured, then failed morale again to be a total loss. The Ities consolidated on the objective.

The Indians had one chance for victory. The 3rd Rifles were within assault range of the Guastatori & moved up with bugs & 25pdr support. The fire put the Guastatori below half. They failed morale. Byron used the CIC to rr-roll. A 1-3 meant losing the Gusatatori plus the CIC & being subject to Army Morale Test. The dice tottered on edge & fell 5! The Indian charge was stopped by the Guastatori & the tanks mixed in with them & the Ities won the narrowest of victories.

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