Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Camp Cromwell 11/11/07

Once again the Maharajah Semis had to be postponed due to daughters, dogs or bosses taking liberties. Only SteveJ, Nick & Jim were able to attend.

Jim v. SteveJ in HTL

Steve used his Maharajah Grenadiers to defend the Maharajah Semi #2 table.
Jim attacked using Mark's Maharajah US Rifles.
Jim put his objective on the right where there were woods to cover the advance of his GIs.
Steve deployed Grenadiers on the objective with artillery, mortars & rockets in support & Pak40s in ambush. Jim advanced with 2 Inf on the right with Shermans & Honeys, the other Inf & the Heavy Platoon advanced in the centre and had 2 105 batteries, heavy mortars & AA behind in support. Both sides had air, but it didn't do much.

The US advance came under heavy bombardment. The Heavy Platoon was wiped out, all 3 Inf platoons were delayed by pins, but got away with moderate losses. The Honeys rushed forward, drew the Pak ambush and lost 2 without gain. The survivor fell back behind the woods until the Shermans & Inf were in position & they all charged out of the woods at the objective while the mortars smoked the Paks. The Grenadiers were driven back and then destroyed by the Shermans.

Steve had had rotten luck with reserves, getting his first only after the Shermans had rushed the objective. But his 2nd Pak platoon fianally came on and bailed the Sherman on the objective to buy another turn. Then the Shermans all unbailed & over-ran the 1st Paks while the Inf consolidated on the objective to complete the win.

For a while it looked like the Germans had it in the bag as the US losses mounted steadily, but the US attack was relentless & they got lucky with smoke, unpins & unbails at the right time, while Steve's reserves rolls were huge handicap.
The 1st pic, taken from behind the US right, shows the Honeys going forward to draw the Paks out as the Shermans & GIs move up for the main attack.
The 2nd pic shows Steve's trying to halt the attack with a barrage. The big white patch is smoke on the Paks. The small puffs are burning Honeys.

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