Friday, December 21, 2007

Camp Cromwell 18/12/07

Maharajah Semi Final #1:
Mark's US Rifles attacking SteveP's Grenadiers in HTL (MW)

Mark attacked on a broad front - 3 Inf on the right towards the objective, Shermans & Honeys up the centre & lots of artillery support. The 88s were deployed on the forward objective. They got one Sherman and the rest moved over to the left where they faced off with Sturmgeschutz while the Honeys doubled to the rear objective. Steve failed to get reserves to secure the rear objective, but did unbail a Strurm & Stormtrooper it to contest it & keep the battle going. But on the other flank the Grenadiers couldn't stop the GIs who took the objective. The game was prolonged for a while as the Germans threw scaps forward to contest, but they ran out of scraps. Mark progresses to preliminary Final v. Nick.

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