Friday, December 28, 2007

Camp Cromwell 27/12/07

Mahrajah Preliminary Final #1

Jim's 7th Armoured v. Steve's SS Panzer (Wittman) in FFA
7th Armour: HQ=2 Crom+2CromCS+2AA, 3xtank, Stuarts, Mech Inf, Rifles (subbed for RE), Sextons
SS Panzer: Wittman, 2x 2 Tiger, Armoured Scout, AA, Neblewerfers (2 sections + Pak40)

The table featured a big DG hill in the middle, a diagonal road embankment & a lot of open ground.
The Brits sent Rifles & Honeys forward to the crest close to the RH objective while the main force of tanks + Motorised (on foot) moved to the left and charged the LH objective under as much smoke cover as they could put down.
The 2 Tigers on the German right danced in & out of the smoke picking away at the onrushing horde (rolling 5's to get Fireflys every time they hit). Not being able to hurt the Tigers until they were in close the whole horde picked on the Pak 40 as they dashed past. Somehow 12 tanks failed to kill it & it continued to whittle away at the Cromwells until the AA finally got it. Wittman had popped out of ambush on the German right & the Tigers from the left were moving across to help, but despite steady losses the Brits were now closing on the LH objective. The Tiger on the objective was bailed by the Sextons but the Infantry failed tank terror and missed their best opportunity for victory. But the Brits weren't done yet and they attacked both objectives at once in the next turn. On the left the Cromwells were behind the 2nd Tiger & killed it. With the other still bailed, they tested morale and failed giving the Brits control of the objective. On the other flank the Honeys & Rifles rushe dover the crest, drove the Scouts back & overan the other objective. The Brits had now taken both objectives, but it had cost them a lot of casualties & they had to hold them against counterattacks. On the right the Stuarts were blown away and the Tigers attacked the Rifles. The Piat killed one Tiger, but the other survived a Piat hit to dispute the objective & the Rifles then failed morale. On the left Wittamn shrugged off a bail to dispute the objective while the Scout's half tracks moved over and mowed down the Infantry on it. Wittman also popped the HQ Cromwell & the Brits failed Coy morale.
It was an exciting battle. The Germans looked outnumbered, but their few tanks were very powerful and were well handled to boot. The Brits probably did the right thing in making all-out attacks - they had their chances to win but didn't get the right dice at the right time.
So Steve goes into the Maharajah Grand Final against the winner of Nick & Mark.

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