Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Jim's British Rifles v. Steve's Panzerchutzen

2000 pts Free For All on 8x6.

The Brits had 3 Rifles, mortars (2 with hq), HMGs, 2pdrs, 25pdrs, Bugs, MkIVBs & Matildas(3).
The Germans had 2 Panzerchutzen, Kradschutzen, Artillery, MkIVs(3) & Bunkerflak (2/88s on HTs).

The Brits put bugs & Light tanks on the left, Rifles, 2pdrs, HMGs & mortars in the centre, and attacked 2 Rifles & the Matildas on their right.

The Germans put Infantry on each objective with their HT's behind hill or wood close by. artillery behind a wood on their right centre & the Bunkerflak & Krad in the centre.

The Brits charged down the left flank with their light brigade threatening the artillery and advanced slowly into cover on their right.  The Panzers went right to deal with the light brigade, the Bunkerflank went left to cover the Matildas.

On the Brit left, the light brigade hid in the village until the Panzers got close then the MkIVB's ran back for safety.  The Panzers popped 1, the other got away & the Panzzers turned back as the bugs attacked the artillery on the other side of the village.

On the Brit right the infantry & Matilidas advanced.  The Krads came out & did soem damage to the rifles, but were imemdiate;ly obliterated by HMGs & mortars.  The Bunker flak were partly smoked out & the Matildas doubled past their line of fire, losing one to unreliability. 

Two Rifle platoons supported by Matildas rushed the hill driving the Schuten back.  They rallied & counterattacked, but there were too many Brits holding the objective to dislodge them all giving the Brits victory.

Early War is an interesting change.  The Bunkerflak is scary, but also difficult to use with the awkward layout.  Matildas can be king, but with no HE, slow move & unreliabilty it can be difficult to get value from them.  The Krad can be deadly, but they are also awfully vulnerable.

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