Saturday, March 26, 2011

Daybreak at Hangmans Creek

American Civil War Scenario in Black Powder

Rebs: Jim
Feds: Carl, Nick, Leigh
Venue & terrain: Nick
Troops: Carl's 15mm
Rules: Black Powder, distances halved

The Scenario has the Rebs attacking & the Feds reacting.  The Rebs didn't try to be too subtle, advancing as fast as they could, though the command dice meant this meant an echeloned advance led by the right.  The Feds initially got pretty good command dice and  were deployed before the Rebs got to them.

Pic 1 is from behind the Reb left.  Their right has charged home.  Their left & centre have been held up by bad command dice.   The Reb charge on the right was a disaster.  They failed every break test & in 2 turns the whole brigade was routed.

Pic 2 is behind the Reb right.  The Fed left has failed to get moving to exploit their victory.  The Reb centre has attacked - charging 2 v. 1 on the left and starting a firefight on the right.  The left hand Fed unit routed under hot shooting.  The gap in the Reb line is where a unit routed when it tried to charge.  On the far left both sides are having command problems.

Pic 3 is the end.  The Reb centre is outflanked on both sides & doomed.
The game ripped along very well considering that no one was particularly familiar with the rules.  The combats seemed to be very dicey - with most combats decided very quickly.  The Rebs had rotten luck on getting creamed in a fair fight on their right, then failing to get any advantage out of their albeit temporary advantage in the centre.  The command system too seemed to be very chancey, however it is also true that none of the players knew much about the opportunities the rules provide to skew the odds. 

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