Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jim & Steve on the Eastern Front

Jim's Guard Tankovy v. Steve's Schwere Panzer

1750 pts Late War Breakthrough on 6x4, German's attacking (on the LWE Monday).

The Russians had 1 Strelk in a long line across the table, 2 KV85 platoons, 1 on table & 1 in reserve, plus Katies deployed as far back as possible.& KV85's.
The Germans had 2 KT's, AA Ht's & artillery on table, Armoured Panzergrens & 2 Tigers in flank attack.

The KT's attacked the Strelk with support from the AAHT's & artillery while the Russians deployed their armour to meet the flank attack.  The KT's broke thru onto the the hill & a game of cat & mouse ensued as the Russians tried to get their tanks in flank while the Germans used Stormtrooper to avoid it.  The Strelk were pulled back & a combined attack of Strelk & KVs did get a KT, but at great cost. 

The flank attack came on was met by KV's & a shoot out ensued.  The Tigers died but so did the KV's leaving the Germans with the objective.  Then we realised that the Germans should have tested army morale first.

Pics taken from behind the German's objective.

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