Sunday, March 20, 2011

FOG Version 2 Beta test

Nick vs Leigh.  Gauls vs Late Republican Romans using standard starter armies.

The game was played on a flat plain.  (Insert my usual rant about the FOG terrain system.  We just couldnt face going through all that effort for no real terrain.)

The Romans legions ate through the Gauls, even with the experimental new rules increasing the power of the Gauls.  The Roman light cav was pursued off the field, and on the other flank the Roman owned mercenary Gallic cav with a general fought the Gallic cav with a general -- a dead even tie.  However, in this case the Romans got a bad die roll, and suddenly the Roman mecenary cavalry crumbled.

The battle then became a race for each others camps, as each side was close to breaking, but the Romans couldnt catch the Gallic cav, and the Gallic cav couldnt face to Roman legionarries, so the only way to get a victory was to get the enemy camps.  One of the routing Gallic warbands rallied in front of their camp, and Caesar lead a legionarry unit into the Gauls in a headlong charge -- the legionarries needed to win quickly and get through to the Gallic camp before the Roman camp was sacked.  However, Caesar failed to make headway, and was killed (Nick rolled a '12' as the general death roll, as he had put Caesar into the combat)

A long close game with lots of referring to the rules -- but that was the point of the game!

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