Saturday, March 05, 2011

Maharajah Grand Final 2010

Nick's US Armour v. Jim's Gepanzert Panzergrenadiers

2000 pts Breakout, Germans defending. Terrain on 8x6 by Steve.
Umpires Mark & Steve.

The Germans deployed their infantry in the wood and nearby where they coudl quickly move onto the objectives.  Their artillery & werfers were behind the village.  A line of Pak 40s in front of the village faced the US easiest line of attack.  Marders in village formed a local reserve.  Stugs were off table to come in as reserves from the rh foreground corner.

The US put their Priests in the far corner (with a spotter plane giving them a full table field of fire.  Stuarts on the road in the wood, Super shermans & HQ to the left of the wood.  In reserve they had M10s, Armoured infantry & Shermans.

The US opened with a Honey rush down the road.  They drove the infnatry in front of the village back into it where the artillery quickly finished them off.  But a Panzerfaust, Paks, Marders & artillery destroyed the Stuarts as well.  The US armour stood back & destroyed the 105s by direct fire, but not before they had taken out some tanks.  The Germans redeployed their Paks into the wood & village, but lost 2 Marders to Supershermans or artillery. 

Both sides got their reserves quickly, The Stugs came on & advanced over the open ground, but the M10s deployed in the village & popped 2 of them.  The remaining Stugs turned & doubled out of range then headed over the hill towards the Priests.  The US deployed for their assault while the Stugs and Marders dashed over to take out the Priests.  The guns got one Stug bogged on the hill, and their 50 cals took out the last Marders, but the last 2 Stugs cleaned them up.  With the Priests gone, the US could no longer win by sitting back, they had to charge over the bridge and attack.

  The bunching up at the bridge gave the werfers great targets & US loses gradually mounted.  The first US assault on the wood with Shermans was stopped by 1 Pak, a Panzerfaust and a counterattack by the Panzergrens.  The tanks regrouped and went werfer hunting and the GIs dismounted to face the Panzergrenadiers in the wood.  

Both sides were verging on army morale problems.  The Germans had lost 1 Infantry & Marders, but their artillery was down to commander & staff & removed, the Paks were down to 1 gun & cmd, so on wood, The Stugs were down to 2 of 5, the werfers had lost their Pak and were about to be swamped by armour.  The US had lost their Stuarts, Priests & Shermans, the remainder were in good shape.

The US armour took out the werfers leaving the Germans on wood.  They had one last chance to save the day.  The Panzergrenadiers charged out of the woods and the GIs failed morale to force an army morale test.  Nick failed it and the Germans won a hard fought victory.

It was an epic stuggle, worthy of a Grand Final.

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