Friday, March 11, 2011

Heavy Tank Walkovers

Three games played at Launceston last week and last night.

Game 1.  Nick B with a King Tiger Co.  Nick Ridge with British Armour.  Scenario was breakthrough. 

Nick B deployed his one King tiger allowed at start to rush to the objective, with a King Tiger CinC to hold off the horde.  Nick R got first move, and rushed fireflies to get a flank shot of the one King Tiger, which they killed.  The British 5.5" artillery tried to range in on the CinC, and missed.  But the 25lbers did range in -- the CinC failed armour save, and the 25lbers got firepower.  Before Nick B got to move his whole army was destroyed.

Game 2.  Nick B with a King Tiger Co.  Nick Ridge with British Armour.  Scenario was fighting withdrawal.  Nick R had three objectives to attack with armour.  Nick B had 2x Tiger platoons (of one tank), and infantry and AA to defend.  Nick rushed foward.  The tigers couldnt kill enough tanks.  The infantry came out of ambush and tried to kill some tanks, but failed tank terror.  Next turn one tiger holding an objective was killed by a horde of shermans going for flank shots, and there was nothing that could get to the objective and contest it.

Game 3.  Nick B with a Panzer Co (with Elefants).  Rob with US armour.  Scenario was encounter.  With only two platoons on for the US, facing Elefants and a horde of Panzer IV's, the US wisely tried to rush the Panzer IV's.  They got 3 of the 4, but the Panzers survived morale.  The next turn the retribution from the Elefants and Panzer IVs (CinC, 2IC, and remounted survivor) wiped out the Shermans, with the CinC bailed.  Rob failed to get reinforcements.  Next turn the 105 shermans were killed by the Elefant, the CinC was killed, and it was game over.

The Launceston club has new  premises.  Worth going to if anyone is up north!!!  Pic is Nick R and Dennis checking army lists

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