Tuesday, March 22, 2011

FOW Dust-Up Mission

Steve's Panzergrenadiers
Jim & Byron's Russian Tankovy
1750 pts on 8x6.

We tried out the Dust-Up Mission from a pdf.  The armies deploy half on opposite quarters with delayed reserves coming on from a flank.

The pic is taken from the corner where the German reserves come on.  The Russians are defnding objectives on the right, the Germans on the left.  The Russian reserves come on in the far corner.

The Russians deployed their Motostrelk on their objectives with a T34 platoon in support.  T34/85s, JS2s & KTs to come.

The Germans defended their objectives with 88s, Pak40s, Art & Werfers.  A Pgren platoon moved past the centre objective into the wood to attack the Strelk.

The Russians sent T34s towards the German reserve point to try & destroy them as they came on - a tactic that didn't quite work.  They destroyed the Paks, but there were too mnay Krauts & half tracks slipped past to attack the Strelk.  So the T34s had to rush back to help defend the objective.  Likewise, the attack thru the wood forced the Russians to send the T34/85s over to help, leaving only the JS2s & KTs to pressure the German held objectives.

Half tracks bristling with mgs & full of desperate Krauts with lots of Panzerwhatzits were too much for the Russians.   The Strelk & the Tankovy melted away & the Germans ended up on the objectives unopposed.

Dust-Up is a good Mission - lots of options makes it interesting.  We should add it to the standard list.

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