Thursday, February 16, 2012

FOW at Nick's

Jim's Hungarian Infantry v. Nick's US Armour

1750 pts LW Breakout Mission.

Pics all taken from behind the Hungarian deployment zone.

The big L shaped hill dominated the battlefield.  The US accumulated their forces on the far side of it.  The Hungarians moved forward to occupy the flat top.

The Hungarians had 1 Stug platoon come on from reserve in the far corner.  It was soon destroyed but served to delay the US deployment and give the infantry more time to get into position.

The US lined up on the crest - infantry, 75mm Shermans, 76mm Shermans & Priest.  After disposing of the Stugs, 2 of the Paks and smoking the 88's, they attacked the LH objective.

The Hungarian infantry destroyed the 75mm Shermans, were pushed back by the infantry, but still contested the objective.

The Hungarian artillery, mortars, hmg's & anti-tank guns struck back whittling away the US armour and infantry as their own infantry just hung on to the objective.

The US were reduced to 2 understrength platoons surviving on morale rolls as they finally drove the Hungarian infantry from the objective.

It finally came down to the US Infantry taking a 50/50 morale roll.  They passed to stay on the table and hold the objective.  A rattling good game.

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