Tuesday, February 21, 2012

FOW V3 21/02/12

Jim's Hungarian Infantry v. Rich's Guard Tankovy
1750 pts LW Fighting Withdrawal - V3

Rich deployed his Strelk and tank platoon on his left, artillery in rear and JS2's in the centre.  With 10 platoons the Hungarians spread out to cover all 3 objectives.  They also had 2 ambushes - the mission ambush plus the Hungarian Immediate Ambush which they used to deadly effect.  The immediate ambush of Paks together with the heavy artillery quickly destroyed the Soviet tank platoon on that flank.   The normal ambush of 88's in the centre took out 1 IS2 before the Soviet artillery destroyed them, but the heavy artillery finished off the IS2's anyway.

When the last Soviet tank, the CIC, advanced out of the wood with the Strelk, the Paks popped it too.  The position was then hopeless for the Soviets and Rich conceded.  As on Sunday, the battle was over before we really saw much difference between V2 & V3.

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