Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hail Caesar 15/02/12

Steve's Seleucids v. Mike & Jim's Persians

The Seleucids (on right in pics) had a cavalry division on each flank, a phalanx division with lots of skirmishers left centre and a mixed division of elephants & heavy chariots right centre.

The Persians had a cavalry division on each flank, mercenary hoplites right centre and Persian infantry left centre.

The Persians generally advanced initially.  On their right they played a delaying game among the woods gradually giving ground to the Seleucid cavalry.  The hoplites halted short of the centreline while the skirmishers fought it out in no mans land.  On the far flank the Persian cavalry held back while the infantry advanced and took on the elephants & chariots.

The Persian infantry broke up the Seleucid attack and after a pretty wild fight destroyed the mixed division.  They also gave the cavalry a bit of help that allowed them to defeat the Seleucid right wing cavalry.  With two Seleucid divisions broken it was looking good for the Persians, but the Seleucid left finally got forward to the point where the Persian cavalry had to stand and fight, then in one turn the whole Persian right wing cavalry evaporated in a  shower of crap dice.

It was now three divisions v two with the Persian right left hanging.  The hoplites were pulled back to cover the camp and their right flank as the victorious Persian left sorted itself out.

It was now getting late & combat fatigue was setting in.  It was still anyone's battle and it would have been good to go on with the fight next week, but Steve will be away then, so the players agreed on a draw.

Steve turned up with a 550 points Seleucid army & we matched it with Persians.  As always the battle was enjoyed by all, but 550 points is probably too many for 2 or 3 players - it is significantly easier to come to a decision in good time with 450 points.

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