Sunday, February 19, 2012

FOW V3 at Barries

Byron & Jim's US Armour
Steve's Panzer Lehr

1750 pts on 8x6 table, Pincer Mission.  The Pincer Mission is a new V3 Hold the Line variant where the defender's reserves come on from the sides.  To compensate for the big table we made the objective area 30cm in from the centreline rather than 20cm.

The US, who stole their list from Nick (Shermans, 76 Shermans, Priests & Armoured Inf, all CV) put their objective in the open just over 10cm in front of a wood.  The  Germans had 10 platoons but no armour and chose to defend the objective with firepower - with Pak 40's & 105 observer in the wood next to the objective & 88's in ambush.  The US plan was to charge the objective with everything, guns blazing, and hope a Sherman would survive to hold it .

In their first turn the 88 ambush and the Paks got the observer Sherman and 1 other plus 3 bails.  It just wasn't enough.

The US in return got an 88 with the Priests and all the Paks with Shermans & half track 50 cals.  The Germans just didn't have enough firepower left to clear the Shermans from the objective and no one alive within disputing distance.  It was game over at the start of the 3rd turn.

The battle was over so fast we really didn't get to see much of the differences of V3.

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