Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hail Caesar: Rome invades Britain

Jim's Romans v. Mike & Steve's Britons

Each side had about 500 points.  The Brits had 2 infantry divisions of 4 warbands +2  skirmishers and 2 cavalry divisions of 1 medium, 1 light cav and 2 chariots.    The Romans had 2 legions of 4 units + 2 skirmishers.  One legion was raw and was stiffened with 3 scorpions.  They also had 2 flank divisions of 1 medium, 1 light cav and 2 light infantry.   The pics all have the Romans on the right.

The Brits advanced cautiously.  The Romans bided their time.  The action started on the British left with Steve's cavalry attack.  His first charge had mixed success.  The Scorpions stopped their opponents with defensive fire & both side won and lost a cavalry fight.

The scorpions didn't survive a second charge, but the raw legion advanced chucking javelins & drove the British cavalry back towards the flank while the light infantry held on.

On the near flank the warbands advanced in fits and starts as the  Romans prepared to receive them.

As their light infantry pinned their front, the Roman cavalry on the left advanced past the flank of the warbands and wheeled right.  The Legion advanced to meet the other infantry division.

On the far flank, the Roman light division was overwhelmed by chariots, but the legionaries kept the British left bottled up in the corner.

The Roman plan now swung into gear.  The left flank cavalry smashed into the flank of the British warbands as their infantry attacked their front.  But suddenly disaster struck.  The 2 cohorts in the centre between them managed only 1 save on the first charge and both broke.  What should have been a pincer on the warbands turned into desperate holding action.

The two raw cohorts coming over to hit the warbands flank were now just desperately plugging the gap.  But it was to no avail.  The flanking division, though weakened, was relieved of frontal pressure and turned on the cavalry and destroyed it.  The remains of the regular legion held on against the odds for a while, but eventually broke to give the Brits victory.

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