Friday, February 10, 2012

Task Force A Strikes Again

Nick in Launceston.  Our first V3 game -- Task Force A vs Stug Battery -- 1750 points.

To sum it up -- Task Force A lacks staying power, and it showed it in this game.  The mission was dust up.  The Stug's attacked the Task Force A objective, and the troops holding the objective just didnt have the staying power.  When the TD's missed their chance to kill a stug platoon, and take the other objective, it was game over for Task Force A.

Nice things about Version 3:
- HMG's were much more survivable -- they may have stopped an Assault Rifle platoon assault if they had had good luck.
- TD's are different.  Very Different.  Not better -- just different!
-  Assault rules seemed to work.
-  Wrecks were easier to understand.

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