Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Version 3 army Lists

I have updated the army list spreadsheets to V3.

All of the army lists are in one zip file, available at http://www.box.com/s/fgiu18g793q9gsihjmja .  (There is also a link to this on the right panel).

Existing V2 lists will live on the right panel until the Launceston tournament (last weekend in February), then I will remove them.  In the future, the only way to get the lists will to be download the complete zip file of all lists -- updating individual lists is getting way to complex.

Changes to the V3 lists are as follows:
- Platoon counts changed for units with multiple command teams (such as carrier platoons etc.).  The one exception to this is for the US Paratroops in North Africa
- Multiple minor changes with missing machine gun upgrades, point values, etc.  I had a macro to quality check for data that wasnt on the spreadsheets, points that werent muliples of 5, etc.
- Many pdf lists removed.  The only ones left are the 29th (Indian head), Schwerepanzerjager 653 and some SS in Normandy.  Pdf files were changing constantly, and I couldnt keep up.

The V3 lists file should have most lists using the new org structure used from Cobra onwards.  Exceptions are:
- no Finnish from Grey Wolf.  (I will get around to them some day)
- no Burning Empires (I dont have the book)

Have fun!

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