Sunday, March 24, 2013

Barrie's Sunday School

Richard's Greek Infantry v. Jim's Schutzenkompanie

1555 pts Early War.  Fighting Withdrawal, Greeks defending.
The Greeks had a nice line of hills to defend.  The Germans threw themselves at the near end of the Greek line with 5 Mk III's and infantry supported by mortars.  The armour was destroyed by artillery and anti-tank guns.   The first infantry assault was mown down after the mortars failed to deliver smoke cover.  The second infantry assault di get some smoke cover, but still didn't make it.  Not an easy mission to attack a large FT army.

Force on Force 28mm in modern Afganistan
Barrie's Taliban v. John's US
Your reporter was too busy being blasted by Greeks to see much of what was happening on the other table.  It was first time with the rules for both players so a fair bit of fumbling took place with the US eventually discovering enough rules to win.  

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