Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Hail Cromwell 3

Jim's New Model v. Mike's Royalists

We were supposed to be finishing last years's Maharajah Trophy, but Steve's cat got sick.  Mike used the same army as last week, Jim changed the Ironsides down to ordinary heavy cavalry and took some more infantry.
The New Model is on the left.  Both sides have an infantry battalia each side of the road and cavalry on the far flank.  The Royalists have tried to make a general advance, but not very effectively.
The Royalists have allowed their centre battalia to move forward well in advance of the rest of the army.  The New Model is waiting, muskets at the ready.
Parliament supported their centre battalia with a cavalry unit from the left and a shot unit from the right to make a ring of fire around the unsupported Royalist centre.  The Royalist shot was badly hurt & Mike tried to withdraw, but instead the pikes blundered into a charge.  Both pike blocks were stopped by converging defensive & traversing fire, then the whole battalia broke.
The near Royalist foot battalia withdrew as the New Model foot advanced to envelop it.  The Cavaliers finally went forward and have got the better of a swirling cavalry melee.
The cavaliers eventually mopped up the New Model horse, but they are too far away to save the foot.  Outnumbered 2 to 1 the foot made a stand near the table edge, but it was hopeless, they were broken long before the cavalry could arrive.

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