Friday, March 29, 2013

Ities & Indians in the desert

Capitano Marko's Fucieleri v. Captain Gandhi's Indian Rifles - Free For All

The Indians are on the left in the pics.  The 2 armies were quite similar with lots of infantry and artillery, but the Italians had the advantage in armour with 4 mighty tanks.  The Indians attacked on the right, scaling the escarpment onto the plateau with infantry & bugs.  The plan came a bit unstuck when a whole bug troop bogged & the Itie armour moved up onto the plateau & popped the other troop.  When the front Indian infantry platoon was decimated by artillery, the survivors scuttled back down the scarp & dug in around the objective.
It was up to the Ities to attack.  They began to attack on their right but when their infantry there was constantly pinned down by artillery, they also advanced on their left.
Fucilieri & Carri came down the scarp  towards the objective.  The Fucilieri, already decimated by artillery broke & ran, but the Carri and artillery did the job, eliminating the Indian left so they failed army morale giving the Itiies a 4:3 win.  But the battle went way over the tournament time limit.

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Great looking game.