Monday, April 01, 2013

KK Practice at Barries

Mark's Shurtzen Coy v. Barrie's Crusader Squadron

Breakthrough Mission, Crusaders attacking.
The objective are in the near corner.  Barrie has A10's & a Motor Platoon in reserve.
The Germans rushed to cover the objectives doubling where possible.  The Crusaders rushed forward to get a plethora of shots at the doubled MkIII's but managed only a couple of bails.  The tanks slugged it out while the infantry moved into position.
The A10's came on early, but 2 MkII's turned their turrets & popped them.  That Motor platoon came on next and assulted the Paks in the wood, destroying them.  The Crusaders & MkIII's continued trading blows - eventually the Crusaders won out while the Germans started to  redeploy infantry towards the centre.
With the panzers out of the way the Crusaders attacked the objective where the German infantry had remarkably failed to dig in after many attempts. The armour won the fight for the objective and thus the battle.

While the Crusaders won, they make a brittle little force.  It certainly looks like the BAR crisis resulted in over-compensation when you compare points for a MkIII.  153 pts v. 120.  Similar in most ways, but CV v. CT, 3 shots v.2, side armour 3 v. 2, 2 mg v. 1, stormtrooper & protected ammo v. Tally Ho, no HE & unreliable light  tank.

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Phil said...

Nice pictures, I like the smoke effects and the terrain!