Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Wars of the Roses: 28mm Hail Caesar

Jim of York v. Mike & Steve of Lancaster
The Lancastrians discuss their plan.  Both sides have 3 Battles of 5 or 6 units plus some skirmishers.
The Lancs make a slow steady advance while York charges forward, his plan some what compromised by the slow advance of the left flank. 
The whole line is engaged with both sides winning and losing some.  Yorkist cavalry has smashed through the line right of centre, but the horse on the left is still way behind where they should be.
A close up of the action in the centre.
Carried away in the heat of battle the photographer skipped a lot of the action.  York's left flank cavalry finally came up.   One unit was immediately knocked out as the Lanc's cavalry countertattacked in the centre,  But the second unit stopped the rot.  Right of centre, York's winning cavalry pursued into trouble & was defeated by a counterattack.  York personally lead his cavalry of the centre at the surviving, but disordered enemy cavalry.   With a little more luck the charge could have cleaned up the enemy's left, but although the Lanc's cavalry were eventually beaten, their stubborn resistance left York's horse Shaken & unable to carry on the attack. 
With that York's chance of victory had passed.  York's left broke while the Lanc's left held on and the rest of Yorks's army was on wood.  A last desperate infantry charge broke the Lanc's left, but it was too late, the ring of Lanc's archers broke another of York's units in the centre, breaking that Battle and with it York's army.

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