Sunday, April 07, 2013

FOW Early War

Barrie & John's Poles v. Steve & Jim's German HMG Coy
Breakthrough - German's attacking
The Germans are attacking towards the near corner. The German coy looked awfully small with only 5 tanks on the table, with 2 HMG platoons on flank march. The Polish cavalry have galloped up to the near objective while infantry have moved onto the central objective.    The panzers have attacked the centre but have been repulsed.
Having sampled assaulting fearless infantry the panzers changed tack and swung around the wood.  They destroyed some mortars and a/tank guns but then had the Polish armour arrive behind them.
Even attacked in rear with anti tank guns in front Steve's panzers won out.   Jim's HMG teams came on one at  a time and attacked the dismounted cavalry in the wood.  At this point John kindly pointed out that HMG teams couldn't assault, though they could have been swapped for MG teams at the start.  However Jim reveled in the chance to use Steve's dreaded Panzer Lehr dice and the Polish cavalry melted away under a hail of L's.  The Poles tried to counterattack, but the massed HMG's mowed them down giving the Germans victory.

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