Friday, April 05, 2013

Major Darren of the Royal Artillery, VC (Nick in Launceston)

Some context first. About a year ago Darren decided to get out of Flames of War, and sold his British 8th army troops to me. They were in various stages of painting, but I finally finished painting them up. Last night was their first run....

For Conspicuous Galantry, Major Darren of the Royal Artillery has been awarded the Victoria Cross. Major Darren and his artillery troop were setting up at an unnamed desert oasis when they enexpectedly encountered the Italian Ghost Division. (Shane hadnt painted his troops yet -- they were still in white undercoat!) Within seconds of meeting the Italians, a large force of Italians on Motorcycles attacked Major Darren and his artillery troop. Concerted fire from the 25 pdr artillery did not discourage the Italians, and a large force of Italians launched a bayonette charge. Major Darren avoided all attempts on his life by the attacking Italians, and single handedly launched a counterattack, killing many of the attacking Italians. The rest fled.

A short time later, a strong fore of Bersaglieri attacked, having tried to outflank through some woods. Again, Major Darren launched a counterattack, killing all but the commanding officer.

No sooner had the first Bersaglieri platoon been defeated when a second platoon launched an attack. While this attack destroyed many guns in the artillery battery, Major Darren once more lead a counter attack, forccing this attack to break off.

Single handedly, Major Darren acounted for over 20 enemy casualties (5 stands), and inspired the staff officers and gunners supporting him to inflict a similar number of casulties. The break up of the enemy attackes allowed reinforcements to arrive, preventing loss of a vital desert oasis.

Moral of the story -- unpainted troops cant throw better than a 3 in assault!

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Shane Madden said...

Which has now spurred me on to paint the cowardly little hairy devils :)