Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Dacian Wars: Hold the Pass

We fought the Hold the Pass scenario from the Hail Caesar Dacian Book.
Mike & Steve's Romans v. Jim's Dacians
The Dacians put an archer unit behind the barricade, deployed the rest near the centeline & waited.  The Roman advanced surprisingly slowly.  Their right even blundering back a turn.
The action real started when the Dacian left suddenly charged forward at the Roman foot.  The Roman line realed back, but did not break.  Then the Roman cavalry finally got up and charged the Dacian right.
The Dacian right held and the Roman horse bounced off though 1 warband broke as they did so.  The Roman right was still giving ground, but only the cohort  on the far right broke.
The Dacian left were finally worn down by the Romans and broke.  A renewed cavalry attack broke another warband but again the winners had to fall back.  The Romans were now running out of time.  The large Dacian division was broken but the small ones had both lost their warband leaving them an archer and an engine so still not broken.  A last charge by the Roman light horse failed to break the engines & the Dacians had held on until nightfall.

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