Saturday, April 27, 2013

Warhammer Ancients at Nick's

Jim's Romans v. Nick's Barbarians
The Romans on the left got first move and have advanced.
On the near flank the Roman skirmishers have been destroyed and the barbarian skirmishers have moved up to enagage the archers.  The Roman horse has turned to cover the flank of their main body of foot which is deploying to meet the barbarian foot.
 The Roman archers ahve been destroyed by skirmishers throwing hot dice.  The barbarian horse is advancing.  The heavy infantry is engaged.
The barbarian foot unit on the far flank  has broken, leaving the barbarian right flank exposed.
Hit in flank the next barbarian foot unit has also broken with the pursuit hitting the second line.  The Roman horse has broken and been pursued from the field.
The 3rd barbarian infantry unit has been broken by a flank attack.  The 3rd cohort has turned to face the cavalry.  The Romans in the scrub have given ground, but not broken.  Next turn the barbarians in the scrub break and the barbarians fail army morale.

This was my 2nd game of Warhammer Ancients - the other one was several years ago.  It was Nick's 1st - part of his quest for the ultimate rules set.  My view of WHA is that it was one of Rick P's steps on the way to Hail Caesar & Hail Caesar is so much better.

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